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The most technologically advanced tripod system in the world.


Our flagship micro-travel tripod Leo was awarded BEST TRIPOD at the prestigious Lucie Technical Awards, held in New York City back in 2017. Since then, we have amended, updated, upgraded and beautified the entire Pro Range, making this award-winning tripod the very best in this category, on the planet.

Beautiful, inspirational, innovative, modular, ultra-functional and hyper-capable tripod systems.

Our message is clear - we bring multiple solutions to camera support technology, providing diverse abilities and capabilities within a single entity.

A leg locking system that will leave your jaw on the floor.

We have three unique leg-locking systems: ParaLock, Twist Grip and Twist Lock.

The Parallel Lock (ParaLock) is unique to 3 Legged Thing, and unique to Pro Range 2. The leg locks are weighted to reduce the centre of gravity and widened to give better torque, the result being greater rigidity. Each lock is inset with tactile 3M rubber pads, for ultimate grip in any conditions.

The Twist Lock is available on our Punks Tripods, and is a simple twist mechanism, with our unique bubble-grips - designed to provide better water displacement and grip.

Twist Grip is a hybrid grip system unique to our Legends Range, that combines the technologies of ParaLock and Twist Lock. With bubble-patterned inset 3M O-Pads, the Twist Grip is a machined alloy lock with inset circular Pads, for ultimate grip and water displacement.

Rigidity & Stability.

Imagine a travel tripod system with load-bearing capabilities and the rigidity of a landscape tripod. The future is now.

Our core values are to create the most versatile and functional tripods on the planet, without compromising rigidity or stability. In our quest for the ultimate support system, we have created unparalleled mechanical stability. We use the highest, aerospace grade magnesium alloy for our working parts and 100% pure Japanese pre-preg carbon fibre.

Modular Technology.

If you're going to invest for the future, why not get the one product that is reconfigurable to suit the demands of modern professional photography?

Every tripod in our Legends and Pro Ranges features 3 detachable legs, to enable ultra-low level photography and videography. Our Legends hybrid tripods - Mike & Jay take this a stage further with conversions for stabilised monopod systems, as well as detachable boom arms.

British Design & Engineering

Our iconic styling is  indicative of our British values, unequalled standards of engineering and world class design. From sketch to prototype, every facet of every component is meticulously designed to our uncompromising standards.

Legends Tripod Systems

Our Flagship tripod system includes our most advanced technology and intuitive workflow ever. With features including 3 detachable legs, for ultra-low shooting or monopod conversion, Rapid-Latch leg locks for quick and easy angle adjustment - even for users with disabilities or those wearing protective gloves, O-Pads for ultimate water displacement and refined grip, and a plethora of contoured bases including our patented Tri-Mount and our newest levelling base system.

Legends is the optimal combination of stability and weight, providing unparalleled rigidity and functionality in a system designed for absolute portability.

Pro Range 2.0

The world's most versatile tripod system, available in two colour schemes:  

Equinox - Natural pantones of earth bronze and ocean blue.

Eclipse - Metallic grey with subtle hints of British Racing Green.

Both are finished with delicate copper accents.

With load capabilities upwards of 30 kg / 66 lbs, our Pro Range 2.0 tripod systems offer incredible stability. Features include 3 detachable legs that enable conversion to monopod / camera boom and use as table-top tripod, by adding our tripod footwear, Vanz, counter-fold legs for easier transport, parallel locking system for ultimate rigidity and interchangeable footwear to adapt to the most inhospitable terrains on the planet.

Punks Tripod Systems

The unique Punks range provides many of the features of our Professional Range, in a more compact  and affordable bundle.

Our Punks range comes in two distinct colour schemes, the natural Blue/Grey and our Punks Anarchy Matt Black. With greater functionality than most in this class, and load capabilities upwards of 14 kg / 30 lbs, the Punks are unmatched in quality and capability. Detachable monopods and removable centre columns are two of the key features of 3 Legged Thing Punks.

A Complete Range of Accessories

At 3 Legged Thing we believe that every tripod should be enabled to operate on various terrains in varying conditions, and so have produced a range of accessory options for all of our tripods. With release plates & clamps that vary in functionality and compatibility, and footwear to provide grip and stability on all terrains, we ensure that our customers have a diverse array of options to suit their working requirements.

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