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Over the years we've defined moments in our history by creating artworks to commemorate them. Here is our portfolio of unique 3LT art by some of the coolest artists you'll ever meet.


Brooke is the newest artist to partner with us on our latest art project. Building on our relationships with the skateboarding community, and with no small amount of thanks to George Powell at Skate One Corp / Powell Peralta, and 3LT Pro Team member (and skateboading legend) Ray Barbee, Brooke has produced a series of images paying tribute to Ray, and to his committment to photography, and related images paying homage to skateboarding.


Take a look through our artwork portfolio, created by four very talented artists.
Phil Bruce

Our original artist, Phil created the four iconic artworks from our original concepts before the brand launched in January 2011. The London Scene, Thing Kong, Space Thing & BatThing were all created by Phil in 2010.

Chris Clarke

Chris joined the company in 2012, as a junior warehouse and customer service assistant. Little did we know that he was such a great artist. Chris created Mount Rushpod, Sydney, Christmas Tree and Santa Monster.

Harrison Edwards

Harrison joined us in 2014 and had an immediate impact. His artworks are probably the most well known - Punks Britannia, Tripocolypse 1 & 2, Awesome Tripods 1 to 4 and The Last Supper are all Harrison's.

Mike Hanson
Mike is the latest addition to the 3 Legged Thing artist list. He was recently commissioned to create to original artworks inspired by the 80's arcade classics, Space Invaders and Pac Man - and there's more to come!


Inspired by Leonardo's Divinci's "The Last Supper", this artwork has special significance. It celebrates the majority of our influencers as we grew, and depicts all of the characters for whom the tripods were named.

They are, from left to right: Tim Smith (Cardiacs), Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Jack Black (Tenacious D), Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Nigel Tuffnel (Spinal Tap), Frank Zappa, Steve Tyler (Aerosmith), Brian May (Queen), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) and Winston Churchill.

2011 to 2012

Tripods Brian, Adrian, Kirk and Eddie, and a Monopod called Bob.

2012 to 2015

Tripods Tim, Keith, Brian, Adrian, Eric, Jack, Frank, Tony, Eddie & Dave, and Monopods Bob, Pete and Sid.

2015 to 2016

Tripods Brian, Roger, Nigel, Steve, and Punks Tripods Rick and Vyv.

2016 to 2018

Tripods Albert, Leo, Winston and Charles, and Punks Tripods Corey, Travis and Billy.