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Unit 9 Kinsbourne Farm
Bury End,
MK43 8TS.
United Kingdom of Fadeless Splendour
GENERAL ENQUIRIES +44 (0) 1234 828834

The Chicken Shed

The Kinsbourne Poultry Farm has been at Bury End since 1966. At the height of its magnificence 30,000 chickens were kept in cages in 7 sheds each containing 3000-6000 hens. 25000 eggs were produced every week, and 24 tons of feed were consumed.

Our CEO, Danny Lenihan, first moved his business into shed 2 (unit 9???) in August 2008. The farm is a beautiful location to work, and whilst there are no chickens any more, the sheds still have manual wind-down eves to ventilate, and we still get visitors asking to buy eggs from time to time.